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Poll: Course of the Year 2011

Vote for "The Course of the Year 2011" by setting up your "Top 5 List" for the best courses of 2011.


  • JLVK Individual, Germany

  • Swedish Champs Long M21, Sweden

  • XXXII Meeting Orientamento Venezia, Italy

  • San Marino Peo Tour 2011, San Marino

  • WOC selection 2011 NOR/SWE Prépoulain, France

  • LOST in labyrinth, Latvia

  • WOC Training Montagne de Bange, France

  • Nuuk O-fest, Nanorsuaq, Greenland

  • Cappad-O-cia Cup #3, Turkey

  • WOC tour 2011 Day 6, France

  • WMOC 2011 Sprint Qual, Hungary

  • O-Ringen Stage 3, Sweden

  • WOC sprint final 2011, France

  • Tsarevets Fortress Brown Cup, Bulgaria

  • Puglia 5 Days, Gargano, Italy

  • Spanish Championships Middle 2011, Spain

  • MOC 2011 - Stage 2, Italy

  • Kras o-technique training - without paths, Slovenia

  • Cappad-O-cia Cup #2, Turkey

  • US Team Trials 2011, Blue Mountain Reservation, USA

  • Sprint the Bay 2011 - Stage 4, New Zealand

  • Long Distance race Corrençon, France

  • Midnattsolgaloppen 2011 Stage 2, Norway

  • Swedish Champs Middle 2011, Sweden

  • The Butterfly Effect, New Zealand

  • Scottish 6 Days Tralee Sprint, Scotland

  • Cave Orienteering Leibnitz, Austria

  • Italy Cup 2011 Stage 4, Italy

  • Samobor open 2011 Stage 2, Croatia

  • Midnattsolgaloppen 2011 Stage 4, Norway

  • Multi-technique training, Croatia

  • Puglia 5 Days, Peschici, Italy

  • Petit Prix 2011 Stage 3, Czech Republic

  • OOCup Day 3 M21 Ultimate, Slovenia

  • Cap de l Aljub Training Course, Spain

  • WOC long final 2011, France

  • Arraiolos International Meeting, Portugal

  • Croatia open 2011 Stage 3, Croaria

  • Nationale 1, Fountainebleau, France

  • O-festivalen long distance, Norway

  • JEC 2011 Long, Austria

  • WOC selection SUI, Le Revard 2011, France

  • Stockholm Rogaining, Sweden

  • Elitserien Long April 2011, H21, Sweden

  • Arctic Midnight Orienteering, Greenland

  • Torshavn WWOP race, Faroe Islands

  • Istanbul 5 Days Grand Bazaar, Turkey

  • Swiss O-Week Stage 3, Switzerland

  • WOC middle final 2011, France

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The following are the rules for the voting in "The course of the Year 2011":
  1. The 'Course of the Year 2011' will be found based on summing all the votes. For each course being set on the top of a 'Top 5 List', 100 points are awarded to this course. For each course being set as number 2, 70 points are awarded, and so on with 50, 30 and 10 points for the next spots on the list down to number 5.
  2. You are only allowed to vote once (if several people share one internet connection, only one can vote, as the IP address is used to identify the voter along with the email-address of the voter).
  3. Among all people voting and submitting suggestions, a minimum of 10 prizes from our sponsors will be drawn. See below for the prizes.

Prizes from our Sponsors
Prizes from our Sponsors always makes it more fun! There will be a prize for the course setter in "The course of the Year 2011", a prize for the first one suggesting the course which ends up becoming "The course of the Year 2011", and prizes drawn among the ones suggesting and voting. Sponsors for "The course of the Year 2011":
  1. Lipica Open
    Lipica Open offers a package of 2 transferable start places for the Lipica Open weekend + the Xtremor warm-up event.
    Lipica open 2012 will be organized on the brand new maps of the brand new terrain in the Kras region in Slovenia from March 10th-11th. There will be a warm-up event - Xtremor - on March 8th-9th, giving you 4 days of interesting karst orienteering.

  2. Croatia Open
    Croatia Open offers a package of 2 transferable start places for the Complete Croatia Open week with accommodation in Sport Hall included.
    Croatia Open is a 4 day orienteering race - offering you 4 different types of terrain from extreme karst to mediteraean and continental terrain. "Croatia open" attracts more than 600 competitors from 30 countries offering you great orienteering holiday - combining orienteering with holidays on the Adriatic coast.

  3. Fjord-O West
    Fjord-O West offers a package of 2 transferable start places for the complete Fjord-O West week 2012.
    Fjord-O West is a four day race in the beautiful valley of Voss, organized from June 26th until June 29th 2012. Voss is a small village in the heart of the famous westcoast Fjords of Norway close to Bergen. The event can be combined with O-festivalen organized in Beitostølen the weekend ahead of Fjord-O West 2012.

  4. EOC Tour 2012
    EOC Tour 2012 offers a package of 2 transferable start places for the complete EOC Tour 2012.
    EOC 2012 is an orienteering festival with four day public races which will be held in conjunction with EOC2012. 17th-18th May, Arena Skattungbyn, Orsa, 19th-20th May, Arena Lugnet, Falun.

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