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Poll: Course of the Year 2010

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Vote for "The Course of the Year 2010" by setting up your "Top 5 List" for the best courses of 2010.


  • OOCup 2010, 3rd day

  • NAOM Day1 long

  • WOC Sprint selection-Erskine

  • WCOC A-Meet Day 2

  • Tour de Trondheim 2010 - Long

  • Croatian Champs Middle 2010

  • Wheal Florence Training event

  • Urban Ski-o Training

  • Ultralång-SM

  • World-cup Long distance St Petersburg 1

  • Rigas kauss 2nd day

  • Tour de Trondheim 2010 - Sprint

  • Thierry's course Hemfjällstangen

  • Latvian Champs 2010

  • 3ª LN Costa Cálida Larga

  • JWOC 2010 Sprint - M20 with routes

  • Technical training, France

  • Nat. Nord-Est

  • Deutsche Park Tour Bautzen

  • Elitserien

  • Bóbr Valley Cup Stage 2

  • EYOC 2010 Long

  • Jukola 2010

  • French sprint championships final

  • OTomne en Savoie Day 1

  • Longue Corrençon

  • Philippe Adamski Easter Map 2010

  • Tradisjonsbærern H21

  • Blodslitet H21 siste runde

  • Matija Razums O-Technical training

  • Temptation Island

  • Huippuliigan finaali D21

  • Long Night Cup - 1

  • Finnish Champs Middle 2010 - Final

  • Portugal "O" Meeting 2010 - Day 3

  • Tyrol 6 Days stage 6

  • Centrum Team Sprint: Silja Symphony Edition

  • Thierry Gueorgiou Easter Map 2010

  • Croatia Open 2010 - 3rd day

  • 8ª LN Palencia Larga

  • MTB-O Sprint Gdansk

  • Norwegian Champs Long H21 2010

  • COC 2010 Long

  • WMTBOC sprint M21

  • World Cup France 2010, W21

  • WOC Sprint Qual 2010

  • SM Medeldistans H21

  • Cup of Russia_Long

  • Schweizer-Meisterschaft Langdistanz-OL

  • WOC 2010 Long Final Men

  • City Safari Rogaine

  • US Team Trials Long - Part 1

  • 3. Austria Cup

  • Spanish Championships 2010

  • Beno's masterpiece

  • WC Final Sprint 2010 - Men Part 1

  • South African Sprint Championships 2010

  • US Classic Champs 2010 Day 1

  • Malvikmarka - Rescue Island

  • Norwegian EOC Test race Long 2010

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The following are the rules for the voting in "The course of the Year 2010":
  1. The 'Course of the Year 2010' will be found based on summing all the votes. For each course being set on the top of a 'Top 5 List', 100 points are awarded to this course. For each course being set as number 2, 70 points are awarded, and so on with 50, 30 and 10 points for the next spots on the list down to number 5.
  2. You are only allowed to vote once (if several people share one internet connection, only one can vote, as the IP address is used to identify the voter along with the email-address of the voter).
  3. Among all people voting and submitting suggestions, a minimum of 10 prizes from our sponsors will be drawn. See below for the prizes.

Prizes from our Sponsors
Prizes from our Sponsors always makes it more fun! There will be a prize for the course setter in "The course of the Year 2010", a price for the first one suggesting the course which ends up becoming "The course of the Year 2010", and finally prizes drawn among all suggesting and voting. Sponsors for "The course of the Year 2010":
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