Download Garmin App

The App is not yet available in the Garmin App Store, and for now I have just amn early test version available for a few watch types for testing for very experimentally minded and tech-savy people. Please contact me at to ask for possibility to be a beta-tester.

Installation instructions (side loading)

To test the App, download the .prg-file for your watch type above. Connect your watch to your computer via USB. Copy the .prg-file into the folder "Garmin/Apps/" on your watch. Disconnect your watch from the computer. Now you should find the app in the same menu where you start a new exercise on the watch. Note that you need to install some other connectIQ app from the Garmin App store before you install VirtualPunch, if not there may be problems getting side loading to work. Also make sure you have the newest version of firmware available on your Garmin watch.

Quick usage instructions

To get to the menu where you can load the course, start training etc, you need to longpress a button; on Vivoactive HR this is done by longpressing the right button, on Forerunner 735XT it is done by longpressing the up button, on Forerunner 920XT it is done by longpressing the left button on the side of the watch (with three points on it). Course loading might not be very intuitive for now, but please check the mobile phone BEFORE you click OK...