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September 15th 2013 - Doma map archive - Kate Morrison
DM Stafett Uppland

Note! The link to this map has been reported to not work anymore because the original map has been removed. This smaller version is still available to give an impression of the map/course.

Kate Morrison
Doma map archive
September 15th 2013

Map info

Relay, leg 1st. Utsnitt ur karten Tortuna-Nibble 2013, Västerås SOK, Sweden. Competition. Morrisons Map Archive.
Comment: Ran steady and ok for the first part and actually [...]
Country: Sweden
89.8 degrees map rotation

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Map collection info:Collection of maps from Kate Morrison
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April 20th 2014 - Kate Morrison
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April 9th 2014 - Kate Morrison
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March 2nd 2014 - Kate Morrison
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