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June 23rd 2017 - Doma map archive - Sverre Bang Støeng
O-festivalen sprint

Sverre Bang Støeng
Doma map archive
June 23rd 2017

Map info

Sprint. Kåsen, Norge. Konkurranse. NTNUI.
Comment: Bra teknisk gjennomført løp, men jeg er ganske [...]
Country: Norway
-3.3 degrees map rotation

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Map collection info:Collection of maps from Sverre Bang Støeng
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June 24th 2018 - Sverre Bang Støeng
O-festivalen mellom

Doma map archive. Mellom. Skytterkollen, Norge. ..
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June 23rd 2018 - Sverre Bang Støeng
O-festivalen lang - fikk i d..

Doma map archive. Lang. Bærumsmarka, Norge. Kon..
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June 22nd 2018 - Sverre Bang Støeng
O-festivalen sprint

Doma map archive. Sprint. Fornebu, Norge. Konkur..
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April 29th 2018 - Sverre Bang Støeng
Tiomila 7. etp

Doma map archive. Nynäshamn, Norge. Konkurranse..
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April 18th 2018 - Sverre Bang Støeng
Armfeldtnatta 2018

Doma map archive. Natt. Muruvika, Norge. Trening..
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November 25th 2017 - Sverre Bang Støeng
Tøffen 2017

Doma map archive. Fellesstart. Furuberget, Norge..
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November 1st 2017 - Sverre Bang Støeng
KKC finale

Doma map archive. Natt. Vikåsen, Norge. Konkurr..
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October 7th 2017 - Sverre Bang Støeng
Hu og hei - gampeløpet

Doma map archive. Ultralang. Bymarka, Norge. Kon..
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September 24th 2017 - Sverre Bang Støeng
JrNM stafett

Doma map archive. stafett. Knyken, Norge. Konkur..
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September 23rd 2017 - Sverre Bang Støeng
NC finale - mellom

Doma map archive. Mellom. Knyken, Norge. Konkurr..
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