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February 19th 2017 - Doma map archive - Stefan Kinell
Ella Rock, Sri Lanka

Stefan Kinell
Doma map archive
February 19th 2017

Map info

Träning. Ella, IFK Göteborg, Sri Lanka. Träning. IFK Göteborg.
Comment: Stiglöpning med karta i hand i fantastisk natur [...]
Country: Sri Lanka
0.2 degrees map rotation

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Map collection info:Collection of maps from Stefan Kinell
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September 7th 2018 - Stefan Kinell
Sprintträning på Stanford

Doma map archive. Sprint. Staford University, US..
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February 19th 2017 - Stefan Kinell
Ella Rock, Sri Lanka

Doma map archive. Träning. Ella, IFK Göteborg,..
» More info » 3D Rerun (new!)
February 15th 2017 - Stefan Kinell
Sigiriya sprint scouting

Doma map archive. Sprint / kartpromenad. Sigiriy..
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November 29th 2016 - Stefan Kinell
MorgonNattSprint-bana i Lond..

Doma map archive. SoHo/Covent Garden, GB. Träni..
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August 23rd 2016 - Stefan Kinell
Kontrollplockning med IFK-un..

Doma map archive. Kontrollplock. IFK Göteborg. ..
» More info » 3D Rerun (new!)
July 21st 2016 - Stefan Kinell
O-ringen prepp för Tage

Doma map archive. Lilleby, Stefan, Sverige. Trä..
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May 25th 2016 - Stefan Kinell
Icebug cup #3 2016

Doma map archive. Sprint. Konstepidemin, GMOK, S..
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May 18th 2016 - Stefan Kinell
Björnåsbergen - Kåsjön

Doma map archive. Långpass. Björnåsbergen - K..
» More info » 3D Rerun (new!)
May 7th 2016 - Stefan Kinell
Ändå Något

Doma map archive. Långdistans, sträcka 7,2 km...
» More info » 3D Rerun (new!)
May 4th 2016 - Stefan Kinell
Teknikträning Gbg OF

Doma map archive. Kontrollplockning. SvarteMosse..
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