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October 18th 2016 - Carl Erik Wasberg
Klubbmesterskap natt, Oppsal..

Doma map archive. Ulsrudvann. Konkurranse. Oppsa..
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October 2nd 2016 - Magnus Landstad
HuogHei, 1.runde

Doma map archive. Bymarka, NTNUI. Konkurranse. F..
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November 9th 2014 - Adrian Opheim
Stafettøkt Lånke, 1.runde

Doma map archive. Stafett. Frigården, Frol IL, ..
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November 9th 2014 - Sverre Turter Sandvold
Stafett-trening, 1.runde

Doma map archive. Fellesstart. Lånke, Frol. Tre..
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October 5th 2014 - Magnus Landstad
Hu&Hei, 1.runde

Doma map archive. Bymarka. Konkurranse. Freidig.
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October 23rd 2013 - Elias Mølnvik
Blodslitet H17-18 1.runden (..

Doma map archive. Ultra-lang fellestart. Rørfje..
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May 18th 1993 - Carl Erik Wasberg
O-cup, 1.runde

Doma map archive. Langelandsfjellet, Ullensaker ..
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