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September 12th 2015 - Doma map archive - Frida Sæther
NM mellomdistanse

Frida Sæther
Doma map archive
September 12th 2015

Map info

Mellomdistanse. Frolfjellet skisenter, Frol IL, Norge. Konkurranse. Freidig.
Comment: Til 1. så skjønte jeg vel ikke helt at jeg skul [...]
Country: Norway
-1.8 degrees map rotation

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Map collection: Frida Sæther (7 maps)

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Map collection info:Collection of maps from Frida Sæther
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September 22nd 2015 - Frida Sæther
Heimdal-trening følg jon

Doma map archive. Granåsen, Heimdal vgs, Norge...
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September 12th 2015 - Frida Sæther
NM mellomdistanse

Doma map archive. Mellomdistanse. Frolfjellet sk..
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September 10th 2015 - Frida Sæther
NM langdistanse

Doma map archive. Langdistanse. Gjeldsåsen, Fro..
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September 1st 2015 - Frida Sæther

Doma map archive. Henriksåsen, Norge. Trening. ..
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September 13th 2014 - Frida Sæther
NM mellomdistanse

Doma map archive. Dikemark, Asker SK, Norge. Kon..
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September 11th 2014 - Frida Sæther
NM Langdistanse

Doma map archive. Bertelsmyråsen, Asker SK, Nor..
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August 23rd 2014 - Frida Sæther
KM langdistanse

Doma map archive. Jervfjellet, Malvik IL, Norge...
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