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April 6th 2015 - Doma map archive - Serena Raus
Gara Promozionale di Pasquetta

Serena Raus
Doma map archive
April 6th 2015

Map info

Foot-O. Bedolpian, Orienteering Pinè, Italy. Gara.
Country: Italy
1.3 degrees map rotation

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Map collection info:Collection of maps from Serena Raus
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May 7th 2015 - Serena Raus
Allenamento Pre Italiani Mid..

Doma map archive. Passo Coe, Richard Scarry, Ita..
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April 6th 2015 - Serena Raus
Gara Promozionale di Pasquet..

Doma map archive. Foot-O. Bedolpian, Orienteerin..
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April 5th 2015 - Serena Raus
Allenamento Curve di Livello

Doma map archive. Foot-O. Rizzolaga, Comitato Tr..
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March 22nd 2015 - Serena Raus
1^ Prova CSI Trentino

Doma map archive. Foot-O. Frassenè, Fonzaso ASD..
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