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September 27th 2014 - Doma map archive - Marcus Ramström

Note! The link to this map has been reported to not work anymore because the original map has been removed. This smaller version is still available to give an impression of the map/course.

Marcus Ramström
Doma map archive
September 27th 2014

Map info

Medel 4,7, sträcka 5,8km tota. Upplandsberget, OK Linne, Sweden. Tävling. OK Kåre.
Comment: Rolig bana, synd att lungorna inte orka och att m [...]
Country: Sweden
-1.6 degrees map rotation

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Map collection info:Collection of maps from Marcus Ramström
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April 16th 2017 - Marcus Ramström

Doma map archive. Tävling. OK Kåre.
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April 8th 2017 - Marcus Ramström

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March 26th 2017 - Marcus Ramström
Rigor/Uven Dubbeln Lång H21..

Doma map archive. Lång. Tommered, IK Uven, Swed..
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September 29th 2016 - Marcus Ramström

Doma map archive. Stafett. Stångtjärn, OK Kår..
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June 6th 2016 - Marcus Ramström
Sprintstafett-SM 2016 Del2

Doma map archive. Sprint. Ronneby, Ronneby OK, S..
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June 6th 2016 - Marcus Ramström
Sprintstafett-SM 2016 Del1

Doma map archive. Sprint. Ronneby, Ronneby OK. T..
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June 5th 2016 - Marcus Ramström
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May 19th 2016 - Marcus Ramström
In & Utgångsträning

Doma map archive. Gruvriset, OK Kåre, Sweden. T..
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May 7th 2016 - Marcus Ramström
Swedish League Medel ÖM7

Doma map archive. Medel. Silverkällan, Ockelbo ..
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April 17th 2016 - Marcus Ramström
Stigtomtakavlen str4

Doma map archive. Stafett. Valinge, OK Hällen, ..
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